Supercharger RSC

The Ruf - Kompressoren GmbH supercharger kit has been developed and tested under the harshest conditions, is simply mounted to the original engine - without mechanical intervention to the basic concept of the engine -.

This means that the performance is increased without reducing compaction, etc.. Thanks to the unique internal labyrinth of the lubrication system in the compressor, the lubrication system of the engine remains completely autonomous, therefore the engine does not have to be tapped.

This autonomous modular construction for both the vehicle (engine), as well as the compressor means both are individually tradable as separate original parts.
The compressor is directly integrated into the crankshaft belt drive and driven by this. Thanks to the high efficiency of the compressor ZR2-R it loads with a speed of about 36,000 rpm giving a boost pressure of 0.4bar and a performance increase of over 70 horsepower. Stage 2 comes with a charger modification and custom engine electronics that increases the  performance of the base engine by up to 100 hp.

Thanks to the relatively low speed loader and the independent lubrication system, the compressor is not thermally or by external agents burdened. This results in a comparatively low air temperature in comparison to turbo charged-compressor systems, which increases the engine power.

If that is still not enough power, we recommended the special intercooler including suction bridge also available from us.
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