Kompressor ZR2

Compressor ZR2

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Thanks to better powered transmission of the belt, the ZR2
Compressor systems is made for engines up to about 3500ccm and 350hp.
The increased level of torque gives the driver the feeling that he is in a car with greater engine capacity.
The basic characteristics of the engine does not change, however, due to the "forced ventilation" it now powers much more!
The ZR2 is our bestseller "for VW Golf / Corrado VR6.
ZR2 characteristics
• no lubrication connection to the engine
• very quiet, little maintenance
• quickly assembled
• compressor housing 360 degree turning
 and setting in 18 positions
• right and left turning execution
• possible with output on the right
• no internal gears, belt translation
• drive from the engine with 7-rib
 Poly-V belt
• made in
• max. Compressor speed 40000 rpm
• engines used in 2500 - 3500ccm
• max pressure approximately 0.55bar


Delivery costs / International: CHF 20.00/40.00